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Krystyna Suchwallo
Born in 1958 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1959 moved to Poland. Studied Fine Arts at the Gdansk Art Academy (1986). She has exhibited regularly and her works are held by private collectors from Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Russia, UK and USA. Currently lives in Portugal.
Pedro Maia
Born in 1962 in Porto, Portugal. Studied Painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Porto (1988), Master in Painting at the University of Massachusetts, USA (1990), PhD in Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto (2010) Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona (2019). Exhibits since 1985 and is represented in public and private collections in Portugal and abroad.
Zuzanna Hope
Born in Gdansk, Poland in 1983. Studied Fine Arts at the Gdansk Art Academy. Member and founder of Zero Division art collective and Gallery in Porto (2017). Lived and worked as an artist and designer in London and Oxford. Currently lives in Portugal.
Peter Hope
Born in 1980 in London, England. BSc Computing & Information Systems - Goldsmith's College, London, UK, is currently a Consultant and Freelance Engineer in Broadcasting, having specialised in Live Streaming. Currently lives in Portugal.
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